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To all who wish to remain or become members of EWGAE: please submit your membership application form and read below letter.

Dear members and guests of EWGAE,

   We informed you in 2012 that the Executive Committee had to repair a formality problem: In the past we simply added persons, who attended an EWGAE conference the first time, to the membership-list without any formalities. This caused no problems yet, because there is no membership fee due

But II 5 of the EWGAE constitution defines: “Prospective members shall apply by written request to the Secretary of the Working Group and shall have their applications voted on by the voting members”. This means the Secretary needs to file an application form for each member.   

During the Granada conference, 55 persons submitted their filled-in membership application form and had it voted on and accepted during the Business Meeting.

We herewith ask all persons, who have not yet submitted a membership application form and who wish to remain or become a member of EWGAE, to print out and fill-in the membership application form and send it to the Secretary of EWGAE. During next Business Meeting all received forms will be voted on. Only those who had their application voted on and accepted will be member of EWGAE.

Sorry for your inconvenience with this repair, we trust your understanding.

Yours sincerely
EWGAE Committee

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