Welcome Letters


Antolino Gallego - Chairman

In September 2010, in the Assembly of the European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE) held in Vienna, Granada had the honour of being chosen as the venue for the 30th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing. Moreover, the conference at Granada doubles as the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission with the support of the AEWG (Acoustic Emission Working Group), JCAE (Japanese Committee on Acoustic Emission) and GLEA (Grupo Latinoamericano de Emisión Acústica). This will be the first time that this International Conference will be held outside of the United States of America. Specifically this responsibility fell on the University of Granada, which will be the Official Organizer of the Conference.

Since that time, a team of people has been working with great enthusiasm to make sure that this Conference is a special place to combine the best of current knowledge about Acoustic Emission and the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful city like Granada during the end of the summer time.

We must not forget that a very important part of any Congress is that it is a meeting place for colleagues and friends who have a common purpose, Acoustic Emission. Granada is the perfect place for this. The city has both quiet and exiting places to visit and walk, in short, is an ideal site for a great scientific and social program.

For all these reasons, I am pleased to invite you all to come to Granada and participate in the 30th EWGAE Conference & 7th ICAE. We are looking forward to seeing you in Granada.

Dr. Antolino Gallego
Chairman of the Conference

Department of Applied Physics
Technical School of Building Engineering
University of Granada (Spain)

Dear Future Congress Participants,

Amadeo Benavent - Co-Chair

As co-Chairman of the Conference, I am pleased to welcome all the participants of the 30th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing and the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission who will meet in Granada (Spain). Granada is a dynamic metropolis with a cultural atmosphere and a vibrant nigh-life. The Congress will be host by the University of Granada (UGR). Funded in 1531, the UGR is one of the of the oldest and most respected universities in Spain, and it has a strong international reputation.

The Organizing Committee of the 30thECAET and 7thICAE is opening this page in order to provide future participants with information with regard to the forum's preparation through this Website. Full information (coordination, academic programme etc.) on the sessions will be available in due time.

We hope you will share the best of current knowledge about Acoustic Emission and enjoy in full the vitality and exoticism of Granada.

Dr. Amadeo Benavent
Co-Chair of the Conference

Department of Mechanics of Structures
Technical School of Architecture
University of Granada (Spain)

Dear friends.

Hartmut Vallen - EWGAE

I am pleased to invite you to EWGAE-30, the 30th conference of the European working group on Acoustic Emission, to be held in Granada, Spain, in September 2012 and organized by University of Granada.

EWGAE-30 will be supported by

  • AEWG, the North American working group on AE,
  • ICAE the Japanese committee on Acoustic Emission,
  • EGLEA, the Latin American working group on Acoustic Emission, and
  • CCAE, the Chinese committee on Acoustic Emission.

Due to this overwhelming international support, EWGAE-30 will be combined with ICAE-7, the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission, that follows great ICAE-6 held in Lake Tahoe, 2007, in combination with AEWG 50.

As EWGAE-30 will have a large international attendance of many different disciplines and countries, it will be an exceptional occasion to meet AE-experts from all parts of the world and discuss with them your application of AE.

I look forward to welcome you in Granada, Spain, 2012.

Hartmut Vallen

European Working Group on Acoustic Emission, EWGAE


David Prine - AEWG

It has been five years since many great achievements were reported at ICAE-6 held in Lake Tahoe, CA, USA. As the present Chairman of AEWG, I believe that there will be another very successful and informative gathering of AE researchers and practitioners from all over the world in beautiful, historic, Granada, Spain 2012. This is a rare opportunity to meet and exchange information with your colleagues and gain an understanding of the current state of the art in AE research and applications.

I encourage everyone who is interested in using AE to attend this event to meet new and old friends, and look forward to seeing you all in Granada, Spain, September 2012.

David Prine

Acoustic Emission Working Group, AEWG

Dear colleagues,

José Ruzzante - GLEA

By this way I want to invite all who work in the Acoustic Emission area in Latin America, to participate in this important Meeting: "30th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing" and "7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission".

For the first time, on next year, this International Meetings takes place at a Spanish speaking country, in Granada city, one of the most beautiful places.

We make votes asking that other Latin American country may house next international initiatives to gather AE-experts.

José Ruzzante

Grupo Latinoamericano de Emisión Acústica, GLEA

Dear colleagues,

Gongtian Shen - CCAE

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to attend the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission and the 30th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing. This conference will be a great event for AE technique in 2012. It is expected that most of research groups on AE from the world will attend this conference. This conference is organized by University of Granada in Spain. Spain is a beautiful, friendly and ardent county in Europe. This conference will provide a platform for practitioners, researchers, educators, as well as the AE industry to exchange and share their latest research results and developments. It also offers opportunities for networking, making new friends, and enjoying the beauty and the culture of Spain.

On behalf of Chinese Committee on Acoustic Emission (CCAE), I would like to invite my colleagues from China to attend this great event in Spain.

Gongtian Shen
Chairman of CCAE

Deputy Chief Engineer
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI)
Building 2, Xiyuan, Hepingjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100013, China
Tel: ++86-10-59068008, Fax: ++86-10-59068023
E-mail: shen_gongtian@csei.org.cn

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